The wedding without a bride…


This is a controversial post. I came up with the idea to write about this thanks to you dear readers. Most of you end up on this blog because you search information on Mohammad Reza Golzar’s personal life. More precisely about his love life. True he is one of the cutest young Iranian . He’s also intelligent, rich, athletic, funny, family centered … The Perfect bachelor some people would say. God knows how many blog & sites you check per day.

Sadly for you there isn’t any on-line Iranian gossip magazine. It would have been so easier to have a Persian (or even written in English) version of “People magazine” or sites like TMZ. I know that there is a lot of celebrity news & gossip magazines in Iran, but we can’t find them on-line (or at least not as far as I know). I thought that you  must be living outside Iran, because if you were living in Iran the information would have been so easy to get.

So here is the main question that is burning your lips and also killing your eyes & fingers from searching on the net… is our bachelor still a bachelor?

I wonder why you all search for “Mohammad Reza Golzar wife”… Seriously where did you heard he got married?  I know last year during the summer holidays there were gossip about him getting married in the summer. There was also video on-line which were actually montage of movies where he played a groom ( mostly image taken from “Taleh”). There was also strange advertisement about “if you paid X amount of $ you could see the entire video of Golzar wedding”. All this was just rubbish. Sometimes I do even wonder how much $ have the guy with this fake “pay to see the video” manage to gain. Anyway all this story about our dear actor getting married in the summer 2008 was just rumors.

I am guessing it must be a summer thingy to think that he is going to get married during the summer. In Persian we say : “In khar nashod, khare dige”( didn’t work with this donkey, next donkey will). I guess you could say in this situation “in tabestan nashod, saale dige” (didn’t happen this summer, will next summer).

So I decided to interpret why people were searching about Golzar’s wife. A few reasons came to my mind.

1) You are just bored, curious, and searching any crunching gossip (Golzar’s wedding just being one);

2) You have a crush on Mohammad Reza Golzar. You pray God to meet him one day. Him being married will destroy all your plans.

3) You plan giving your daughter to Golzar. You are just checking the availability of the product.

4) You are one of his old friends… You heard about his wedding. You are just checking on the net if it’s true, because maybe he didn’t invited you. You’re thinking “maybe he doesn’t like me anymore”.

Seriously I would love if you could take at least 1 minute to write a comment to explain me why??? I am not judging, never will. I do tend to have a sense of curiosity superior to the normal. It’s summer I have nothing to do so my brain just create stories for itself!

Oh… In case I confused you with all this clap-trap, our bachelor is still a bachelor. (I am just saying that he is not married. About the fact that he has or not a girlfriend or several ones, only Golzar knows and God of course).

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