Iranian Volleyball in Vogue?

MM volleyball in vogue

Girls finally there’s a sport that you can pretend to be a huge fan of without being bored! Who didn’t pretend, or at least not contradict the accusation of, being a huge “what-ever-sport” fan even once? Women all over the world tried to find creative occupations while watching sports, per e.g.: finding a hot player on the field, studying which muscles are being use in each movement, laughing at funny faces the supporters make, criticizing the team/player clothes or haircuts, or even improving your skill of looking like you’re taken by the sport fever when you are actually thinking about something else (clothes, works, what you could prepare for dinner, holidays destination,…).

Now I can hear all the feminist screaming at me! Don’t get me I didn’t say girls can’t be into sports. I just said that sometime some sport aren’t our cup of tea. Per exemple, I am a huge hardcore rugby fan but it feels like a torture to sit through Wimbledon or Roland Garros .

I think some men discovered our weakness/evil plan (you know pretending to like sport when it’s on tv, so you could make him watch a nice romantic comedy the next day – or make him believe that you are more exceptional than you actually are).

First, they made David Beckham vanish (thank God there are commercial ads), and now they are making us watch volleyball, a sport we actually like to play but not watch (smacking as hard as you can on a ball relieves us).  Their evil plan was really elaborate:

  • take off screens Mohammad Reza Golzar,
  • create rumors that we may never see him again neither on movies nor on tv,
  • announce that because Golzar was unemployed he accepted to coach a volleyball team,
  • let girls go to volleyball games,

That’s an excellent marketing strategy! Well played! Now to relax our mind and dream about a perfect man, we have to go and watch volleyball games or search info on the volleyball team to get some pictures of our dear coach!


He just arrived and there’s alrealdy 4 ladies waiting for him. His little brother, Bardia, is following him.


The coach is thinking hushhhh!


Is that anger or is that stress? tighten fist, cheek biting…


Ear itching. Now I start to wonder why men use always their opposite hand to relieve them self from an itchy ear, except when they use something else (like a key, pen,…) then they use the hand of the same side than their itchy ear. (I know I always ask existential questions!)


Oh that’s so sweet! His father (Parviz Golzar – the man with the beige jacket – 3rd on the left) and his little bro (Bardia Golzar – on the left 2nd one) came to watch his game. Family time. Knowing that his father was a volleyball player, I know someone had to hear their father’s critics about how he managed that game and about all the obvious stuffs he missed as a coach (to the eyes of a father ex pro sportsman).


Group hug!


I would like to thank the team of They always write interesting articles and are always up to date on crunchy information about Mohammad Reza Golzar. (For those who would like to know more info on the game visit their blog they have a great article about it!)

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