No men? Amen!


  • Tired to look for Mr. Right?
  • You’ve ended up looking for Mr. Right-now or Mr. Good Enough?
  • You’ve came to the conclusion that Mc Dreamy and Mc Steamy only exist in Grey’s Anatomy, your fantasy, your dreams, some books… but not in real life.
  • Most of your friends are married, committed, with children…
    and you are none of the above.
  • Sometimes you have the feeling that even Bridget Jones has a more exciting life than you.

Did you recognize yourself in the points above?  Well this post is a SHOUT-OUT to you!!
*For the happy coupled ones, you’re welcomed to read too…

So first things first: Enjoy the fact you are single because it’s not going to last for eternity (that means you’re either going to die as a sad frustrated spinster or you are going to find a partner).  Being single is an important stage. It’s when you will liberate yourself totally; get to know yourself and your limits. No strings attached, it’s time to make mistakes. Sad to say but a human learn by analyzing and making mistakes. So the best time to make them is when you won’t hurt a third-party (partner, children…).


Go wild but be careful: Enjoying the single life doesn’t mean turning yourself into a man-eater who parties 24/7 and tries all excesses nor becoming an old spinster whom only has grandma’s hobbies! Just enjoy your own company and be open to enlarging your circle. Meet people & talk to them!

Never say I am too shy nor it’s not my thing! If someone invites you to an art preview, a rock concert, a meditation session, or bungee jumping… Analyze the invitation. You are not dying so you don’t have to test everything in life!!! Ask yourself what is the worst that could happen if you decide to go. If you decide that it’s worth taking the risk then go for it!



Note for everyone (single/ married/ committed/ debauchee/ gay/ pros/ celibate/…): I am not a feminist who believes in a better world without men. God knows how much this hypothetical world would be annoying and short (no men, no babies, and no cycle of life). This post is just a shout-out for all the single ladies that are sadly not enjoying their status.

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