And God created Online Dating…


And God Geeks created Online Dating… that’s more like it!

Basically online dating is supposed to make dating more accessible and simple for busy and shy people. Well, mission failed!!

You can’t say that all dating sites are the same. You have different type of dating sites like there is different kind of real life human interactions. So good luck finding the right one that will fulfill your need (this means that you actually already know what you want before searching).

Once you choose an Online Dating site, time to create your profile! So here comes the great dilemma, how honest should you be on internet when you know that everyone lies embellishes the truth? If you decide to be honest, would people think you embellished reality? What about other people profile, aren’t they just saying what every girl is dying to hear?

Like every problem in your life, you decide to turn to your friends. STOP! It’s a don’t ask don’t tell thingy. Everyone does it, but no one talks about it. Weirdly it is still kind of taboo.

Fun fact, I can’t remember the number of times guys told me “a friend created my profile… I am not really a fan of online dating“. Really dude? Why are you online then? Curiosity? Didn’t you hear that curiosity is what got the cat killed? Me? Well, it’s for writing an article, it’s the right kind of curiosity.

Since you can’t really ask people around for advice, let’s see what’s out there and what to choose…

The online “Hook-up finder” sites:

Their mantra should be: Let’s get freaky and maybe it would led to something more.

There are so many, I won’t give you a list of all the hookup fixer. I can’t talk about this category without talking about the most popular ones.

So you have Tinder, pretty simple: you slide people you like, if they like you back it’s a match & then you chat… you plan a “date” and the rest you don’t need a picture you know what happens.

Happn works practically like Tinder except that it shows people you crossed path with. It might help you finally to get to know that tall hot dark guy you keep seeing on your way to work.

Passion is feeding your kinkiest need. I was too prude to give it a real & long test drive. If you want to find someone to spice up your sex life (single or couple), it is the place to go. You have a really wide range of people looking for all kind of stuff. No taboo no limits. You even have members life streaming. No need to pay for sex chats or live web actions…


The “rich, beautiful & successful” database:

Their mantra should be: Let’s not mingle with normal people because we are so better than them.

In that borderline acceptable category, I had to mention this one for the single overloaded 1%, you have Luxy where millionaire can scan their bank statement to proof their are rich. If you are scared that someone might like you only for your money or you’re looking for a sugar daddy go for it.


The hopeful matchmakers:

Their mantra should be: Choose us, trust us & we will find you a normal guy to start a real relationship.

Meetic, Match, eHarmony & co tend to promise to find after some personality test and some question our Mr Right. The impossible quest seems not so impossible anymore. Well let’s be honest with ourselves 80% of our matches won’t even go further than a hello. There are also some strange psychopaths out there, so don’t be blind by the safe look and empty promises.


So in conclusion…

There isn’t one perfect or right online dating site because there isn’t one type or correct type of needs/relationships. Everyone nowadays is using new technologies to interact, date and satisfy their desire… like ordering pizza online per example 😉  Don’t care about what other people will think, just try what you think will be the perfect bet for you. A little advise my grandma used to give me don’t put all your eggs in the same basket!

Any juicy or interresting stories to share with us? Drop a comment.

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