How Fox will make you love Lucifer


For every DC Comics enthusiast & Tom Ellis’ bug, FOX will air on this January 25 2016 Lucifer.

In Merlin we were screaming long live oh King Cenred, in Miranda we were just too hot for the chef, in Once Upon a Time we wanted to be the lady Marian for this Robinhood, in Rush the living on the edge bad boy made us want to live on the wild side… now ladies be ready to fall in love with Lucifer Morningstar.

I had the chance to view the pilot few month back. I remember saying to myself “How on earth am I suppose to wait until January 25th?” I wanted to write a review for Sidereel but didn’t feel ready to resume all this in just few lines.

Imagine Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis, Merlin, Miranda, Rush) quitting Hell due to boredom and job routine to become a hip club owner in Los Angeles. This fallen angel is charismatic, charming, witty, sexy and gorgeous. When one of his protégé pop star is brutally murdered outside his club just in front of him, Lucifer’s new love, luxury and bubble recycled life will hit a bumpy road. At this moment, a new feeling/urge awaken in him. Lead investigator on this case LAPD homicide detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German, Chicago Fire) will tease Lucifer curiosity. He will partner up with her to solve his protégé’s murder. Why would you ask? I am not sure if it’s because he can’t figure out and read detective Chloe Decker or because he found a new hobby to get him away from routine… or even maybe Mr Morningstar is becoming more caring and human. Meanwhile, angel Amenadiel is pressuring Lucifer to go back to his previous job to run Hell. Will he turn into a sweet caring gentleman? Or will all this just be like a mid-life crisis and will he return to be King of Hell? Who knows!? Well the writers do but we don’t… or do we?

Check the official trailer:

Fox teases our mind & just let me quote them: “Can the Devil incarnate be tempted toward the side of Good, or will his original calling pull him back toward Evil?“. All Lucifer‘s characters are based on Vertigo imprint, DC Comics aficionado I promise you won’t be disappointed! Meanwhile to please your curiosity, you can already spy/follow the Lucifer universe on Twitter and Instagram @LuciferonFOX!


hairI couldn’t write this article without mentioning the petition going on to cancel FOX upcoming show because it’s about a sexy & friendly Satan. Oh boy I laughed so much. I thought it was an hoax. I couldn’t take that weird news seriously. I so could see brilliant twisted mind like Trevor Noah having fun with it on Today’s Show. Honestly what’s wrong with some American? Should we send some Shrinks without borders?

To all future Lucifer lovers & haters: watch it first before condoning or judging this TV show! If you fall in love with Lucifer don’t hate yourself yet… We are human after all. It’s a fictional character. The worst guy on earth can turn into a good guy, isn’t it a message full of hope? Every souls can be saved… plus Tom Ellis wittiness and sexiness is just bloody to perfect for this… that’s maybe a message to remember 😉

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