When Spring brings Hope!

MM When Spring brings Hope

10 days ago a special & beloved guest knocked at our doors:


Iranian around the globe celebrated the Persian new year, Norooz, on that special day!

So to all my dear Iranian readers I wish you all a belated happy Norooz! I hope you all enjoyed the spring and Norooz festivities! Hey, don’t forget 13bedar on Saturday!

For those who don’t know 13bedar (sizdeh bedar) is a holiday celebrated on the 13th of the new year. Literally it means “throwing 13 out!” – 13 representing bad luck. On this day everyone enjoy the day outside picnicking and enjoying reconnecting with Nature. During this special day, people throw away in the air (or in the sea it depends of what region from Iran you come from) the “Sabzeh” (lentil or wheat germs). It symbolizes all the sickness, pain and ill fate hiding on the path of the family throughout the coming year, and we throw it far from us. People tie blade of grasses while making wishes. People traditional 13bedar chants transform the atmosphere into something magic!

Hope this Friday will be drowned in solidarity, joy and laughter! Let sweep away our bitterness, hate, remorse and the evil! Welcome this new year with love, happiness, hope and joy! It’s a new beginning. The rain washes away all the pain and the past’s scars. The earth is giving birth. It’s all about renewal and purity.

Life is too short: embrace it, love it, cherish it and take care of it like a newborn child!

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