Want lips that scream bite me?

MM lip routine

First thing first, I am going to be honest with all you gorgeous  who want Kylie Jenner’s lips. There is no magic potion and for God’s sake pretty please STOP with sucking cups/jars/shot glass.

Just remember that Miss Jenner went from that to this in just one year. Call me skeptic but I really don’t buy the rumors that her lips just grew naturally. I prefer believing in Santa or the Easter bunny.


There is only 4 ways to have Kylie’s lips:

  1. Genetics: baby you was either born with full lips or not.
  2. Esthetic Surgery: injection are a temporary solution. It’s for those who aren’t scare to be stucked with a needle in their face (remember there will be pain and bruising).
  3. Facial exercise: over do your series of O, U & X
  4. Last but not least: make-up tricks

Whatever you want out of your lips (narrow, small, full, pouting full mode one…), if you want to have sexy lips there is only one HUGE secret! Just take care of those kissing machines!

Before getting to the list of do’s lets get first through the big no-nos.


  • Be careful of what you use and do to get fuller lips. I was recently talking to Doc Cousin. He told me last week a girl came with extreme burned lips because she used cinnamon essential oil. Please step away from cinnamon oil and even cayenne pepper.
  • Don’t pick your chapped lips. I know it’s tempting but remember it will make it worse and even cause some bleeding.
  • Stop the vacuuming method! I know that I am repeating myself, but please stop!
  • When you have soft & sexy lips, you might be tempted to lick and bite them. Try not to because it will over dry them and make them less velvety soft.

Great habits to adopt

  • Drink more! Sounds stupid but drink enough will help regenerate your cells and have nice hydrated lips.
  • Exfoliate your lips weekly. My little trick is to apply some vicks cream (yep the one you rub on your chest when you’re sick) and put a warm towel on your lips. I let it for a few minutes to soften those dead skins and open your pores. Then use a sugar/honey based exfoliant. Try to stay away from chemical based ones!
  • Hydratation. Butter up those babies after exfoliating! My go to lip butters are: Coconut oil, Lush Rose Lollipop, Blistex Daily lip conditioner and last but not least Polaar The Genuine Lapland Cream Lip Balm.
  • As mentioned above, do daily facial exercises. I do them in bed or whenever I have time to kill and that nobody can see me. Just over articulate a serie of O, U and X.
  • Stay away as much as possible from processed, spicy and salty foods. If you eat healthy & have at least 5fruits and vegetables per day, your skin will glow and your lips will be fuller and healthier.

Have any questions don’t hesitate to drop a line in the comment section! If you have a special tip, I can’t wait to read about it 😉
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