8 ways Masturbation can make you Invincible

MM masturbation power

As some of you may or may not know, May is the international month of Masturbation / Self-pleasuring / Self-loving / Exploring your own body… In a world where sex is still a taboo, it’s time to fight for self-loving. It will help you to get to know your body and increase your confidence boost when you are with your lover.

Healthier Hair & Skin. You know how you heard girls complaining that once they have a man in their life, other men realize they exist? Actually it is because they are getting some. They well pleased body is releasing all the chemicals that attract men. So if you want to look glowy & sexy plus to attract men, just enjoy one on one session with yourself!


Healthier You. You can feel a sneeze coming? Masturbation arouses the cortex of the adrenal gland to produce a slight spike in cortisol, boosting immunity.


Healthier Vagina. Not only it prevents cervical infections and urinary tract infections, but the contraction during orgasm muscles up the pelvic floor.


④ Healthier Heart. By each orgasm you are reducing your chance of having a heart attack! Masturbation will increase your blood flow.


Happier You. By releasing endorphin say bye-bye to little blues & depression. Time to say hello to a boost feeling of satisfaction and well-being!


⑥ Sweet Dreams. Stop popping sleeping pills. Masturbating reduce insomnia through hormonal and tension release. This blood flow and hormones increase will also help you fight away night terror, nightmares and stressed dreams.


Be More Zen. Did you know that Dopamine and Endorphin are as effective as anti-depression pills for minor depression? A good orgasm will help you overcome anxiety crisis and stress.


⑧ Last but not least, I saw this on tumblr. Just had to share it with you!
For those:
– who don’t want to have meaningless sex with strangers while finding the perfect stranger…
– are waiting to get hitched before having sex…
– lonely gals who think they need someone to be pleased…
→  It will help you make better choices!!!

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P.S. STOP saying “Not tonight I have a headache!”. Forget your Headache drugs & have an orgasm!

P.S.S. Please if you suffer from any severe medical o psychological problem, consult a medical professional. He won’t proscribe you a daily one on one time with yourself true but that you can add to the prescription sheet yourself! 


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