Review of Cancelled Shows that were Actually Worth to Watch

MM review cancelled shows pt I

Let’s talk about shows that didn’t get picked up for another season that were actually worth the watch! Every time for TV addict like myself we wait, pray and speculate about which show are going to be picked up for a new season, which one are going to be cancelled and the lucky one rescued by another channel.

Grandfathered (FOX)

grandfatheredImagine a hot chef/restaurant owner at a well-known chic restaurant. One day a guy shows up to announce that not only that he has a grown-up son but that he’s a grandfather. Well the title gave that away I guessed.

This comedy sit-com’s pitch won my heart but when I read that the hot granddaddy chef was played by John Stamos, I just knew I was going to love it no matter what. For the generation who like me grew up fantasizing about Uncle Jesse, well you won’t be disappointed. You have the right amount of twist, uncomfortable situation, awkward moment and heart-melting moment. Discovering you’re a dad is one thing but discovering you’re a grandfather is another challenge… Definitely worth to watch, but please don’t hate me when on the last episode you will have a non-closure feeling.


Rush Hour (CBS)

23In this year series of  TV adaptation, Rush Hour was actually a good one. Adaptation is one of the hardest exercise because people already know a version and may already have an opinion. This make the task to win hearts quite difficult sometime, especially like the movies Rush Hour where main actors were the very acclaimed Jackie Chan & Chris Tucker.
Same vibe than Common Law, try to rename the TV show in your head and you will actually love this show.

For those who never saw any of the 3 movies, in order to stop a Hong-Konger Mafia to call LA their new home, Jonathan Lee, a Hong Kong detective, teams up with an LAPD detective, James Carter.  The dynamic between the two character is disturbingly heart-warming and extremely funny. Plus in this version Jonathan Lee (Jon Foo) is such an eye candy!


Undateable (NBC) 

UndateableWhen partners in crime, Chris D’Elia and Brent Morin end up doing a TV show together you can’t help to be curious about how damaging to your brain this can be. What could happen when a macho uncommittable man wants to mentor a too sweet eager-to-commit guy?

Undateable will replace your daily dose of Prozac & a good 20 min abs session! I mean when you can pitch your TV show saying “So a macho Italian man meets in a bar a romantic guy and his friends, a gay bartender, a sweet stoner black and a creepy but nice Jew…” Have I said enough for you to start watching? You will laugh, cry, sing and even laugh while crying. Really pretty addictive. For the last season, they decided to do only live shows. It was pretty risky. The show wasn’t the same but was still damn good!


What did you think of those shows? What cancelled show will you regret the most? Can’t wait to read your comments about it!

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