What your Persian friends can’t tell you about summer preparation

MM unconventional summer prep

Maybe for a lot of you what I am going to write about is a total unknown territory. So here is another inside into my pretty strange world…  It all started while I was preparing my trip to visit my family in Iran this summer.

To-do list of things to do before leaving:

– Buy gifts… You start to make a list of who you have to buy gifts for. The list starts to be endless. You start to think about solutions on how to do “cut-downs”. There are no diplomatic solutions. Cut downs will have to be made else where. Actually those who tend to go frequently back home, they have a special trick: They start to buy the presents the week they come back… like that you don’t have to spend all the money in a week.

– Buy your own needed stuffs… You have to be prepared for any situations. When I say you have to imagine every possible scenario, I really do mean any: birthdays, party, weddings, concerts, dates, yoga/meditation retried, mountain hiking, beach/swimming pool party, funerals, travelling, pajama-party, pilgrimages… Then you have to keep in mind that you only can bring one luggage of 20 kg and that you have already all the gifts in it.

– Prepare yourself… tanning, sports, diet, schedule of things you want to do there… It’s a real marathon. Seriously boys and girls prepare really hard from 3 months before their departure to be dressed up to their nines.

– Then comes the part where you do the list of people you HAVE to see: family, extended family, family friends, friends, friends of friends… Then comes the part I do really hate: the “how to act in front of each people” advises. Have you ever felt like you were not good enough and had to change to suit the people around you? Have you ever felt the need to be someone else to please people? Have you ever been ask to act so people won’t judge you or will accept you in their groups? Well it’s worse!  Maybe for most of you those phrases don’t mean a thing. So I am going to enlighten you. Just to give you a little idea how thing can sometime be twisted, here is a little inside from a recent conversation I had with a dear one about some people I had to meet this summer:

Me: “hum… I wonder what kind of people they are. Hope I’m not going to be bored or feel like a stranger around them!”

My friend: “What are you talking about they are going to love you! But you see it’ll be better if you don’t laugh like your head of… don’t make jokes… don’t be direct… don’t wear cool & relax clothes… don’t eat much even if you are hungry… don’t…”

Me: “So in conclusion, they are going to love me but I can’t be myself?!?”

My friend: “don’t be cynical! They are going to love you but they don’t have to know you!”

Me: “Now I’m definitively lost…”

My friend: “You can’t understand… Just trust me!”

Me: “Try, I’m sure I could understand even if I may not agree!”

My friend: “Well… You see here in Europe it’s different. You are how you are and you are who you are. There you always have to be a mystery. You always have to leave a  couple of pages out. If you are like an open book people won’t be into getting to know you. It’s not that they won’t like you. They will have the feeling that there is nothing to discover…”

Me: “hum… Now I feel so much better. Even if they won’t like me and find me strange, I know that they are already deranged so I’m not the problem!”

My friend: “Don’t worry… they are going to love you for who you are…”

Me: “because I won’t let them know me!”

My friend: “puff… lost case talking to you!”

*Please note that crazy is universal and exist everywhere so is borderly boring normal people!

Can’t wait to read about your unconventional twisted funny experiences! MM signature


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