6 Beauty Products & Their Unconventional Uses to Adopt Right Now!

MM uncoventional uses

We all have sometime used our day creme before going to bed because we were out of night creme. Have you ever looked at your antiperspirant spray and wonder the magic that lay inside? If not, let’s broaden your beauty horizon.

Now this is not an article about what you can use out of your fridge or kitchen cupboard to make yourself sexier and flawless! Stay tune this article is coming pretty soon...



Itchy bug bite no more. Summer is coming and so is the season of sneaky bugs and their itchy bites. Just rub some antiperspirant and the itching will magically stop. You’re welcome!

Clammy Hands be dry. Weather, Stress, Sick, Hormones… so many reasons why we suffer from sweaty palms. As natural as it might be, it can be a huge handicap. Just rub some deodorant before going to bed. If you have an important meeting where handshakes will occurs, apply some deodorant in the morning.

 Sweaty and irritated Under-boobs are history. Big boobs are a blast. They are full of challenges and pushes us to be creative. Just apply some deodorant under your boobs and on the wire of your bra (preferably clear deodorant, unless you don’t mind the big white stain on your sexy bra). Now summer is coming so is sweaty under boobs. I know it’s really a glamorous topic. Bear with me because your deodorant will keep your under-boobs dry and smell nice all day long.

④ New shoe blister? Hell no! Flat, pumps, stiletto, wedge, trainers, sandals… no matter the type all these shoes have one thing in common. They can be blisters maker. Avoid the throbbing pain that will lead to an awful blister by rubbing some deodorant around the sides and on the back of your shoes. Personally I go the extra mile by applying deodorant directly on my feet during the day when I feel some rubbing happening.



MM lip balm.jpg

Lip balm

Bye bye Cuticles.  Just apply some lip balm on those bad boys and it will do the trick.

Say no to dry and irritated eyelids. Our face is fighting all kind of aggression: wind, pollution, pollen, dust, sun, weather… The skin around our eyes is the most sensitive. During the day, especially during allergy season, I cheat and apply some lip balm.

  Tame those wild Eyebrows! Well nude makeup or no make doesn’t mean you have to suffer from wild eyebrows. Just put some lip balm on your finger and dab it on your eyebrows. Use an eyebrow wand or an old mascara brush to shape them.

Shave, Cut & Heal. No matter how hard I try not to cut myself, I always do. I asked around to find the perfect solution to stop the bleeding (salt, nail polish, tissue…). I found the less painful way, just dab some lip balm.



MM vicks

Vicks VapoRub

Perfect fuller Pout. Duck face mania, fish pout, sexy bimbo… no matter what float your boat, all you need is sexy and fuller lips. After exfoliating your lips, apply some Vicks. Don’t over use it! It will do the trick and it’s a safer solution than all those weird stuff you can find online in order to have Kylie Jenner’s lips.

Soft baby foot are mine. No matter the season our little foot are always suffering. Once or twice a week, before going to bed apply some Vicks on your foot and then wear some nice warm cotton socks. In the morning you will have soft foot. When my foot are really dry or I have a cracked heal, I rub some Vicks before a run or an intense workout.

 Faster healing process… Blisters, splinters, cuts, zits… will be gone faster. Just rub some Vicks and will also reduce the chances of infection.

④ Ear pain, there pain! I am really sorry for that really bad pun but I couldn’t stop myself I often suffer from ear pain and otitis. I was visiting some extended family last summer and they shared a magic trick. Take note because it really does work! Rub some Vicks around your ear and especially behind your ear. Take a cotton ball. Put some Vicks on it and then use the cotton ball as an earplug. Leave it for the night and in the morning… Voila pain and swollen sensation are completely gone!

Feel no sore no more! Even though this is actually an official use, people ignore this. By increasing blood flow, Vicks will relieve pain and soothe tight muscles !


MM tooth brush

Tooth brushes

Soft lips. Every night after brushing your teeth just softly brush your lips! It will exfoliate. Don’t forget to hydrate them afterwards. My secret is doing it just before heading to bed so I can butter them up with an extra rich lip balm.

Fix your eyebrows! This is a trick I learned from an Opera singer. To make sure they stay in place, use on a soft baby toothbrush some hairspray and then comb your eyebrows. I also use my baby toothbrush to smooth my eyebrows makeup to make it look more natural.

 Light up your locks! I just love using lightening hair spray for a sun-kissed hairstyle all year long. If you want to achieve a highlight or sun-kissed look by spraying the product on your hair directly is quite an impossible task (if you can do it kudos!). What I recommend to do it just plunge your toothbrush in the product and create your highlights. You can also use this technique with hair color to create a highlights/lowlights.

ltdomb4xc Don’t get me wrong reading the notice of any product is a must! If in doubt you should always ask a professional (dermatologist, cosmetologist, pharmacist, beauty technician…) their opinion!

What’s your unconventional beauty use secret? Can’t wait to read about it!

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