8 ways Masturbation can make you Invincible

MM masturbation power

As some of you may or may not know, May is the international month of Masturbation / Self-pleasuring / Self-loving / Exploring your own body… In a world where sex is still a taboo, it’s time to fight for self-loving. It will help you to get to know your body and increase your confidence boost when you are with your lover. Continue reading


Human for sale!

MM human for sale.jpg

“I really thought a few days before writing this post but seems like I couldn’t censure myself. Therefor I would like to apologize if some people get  offended or hurt by this post. I guess life can be hard so can the truth!” Continue reading

And God created Online Dating…


And God Geeks created Online Dating… that’s more like it!

Basically online dating is supposed to make dating more accessible and simple for busy and shy people. Well, mission failed!!

You can’t say that all dating sites are the same. You have different type of dating sites like there is different kind of real life human interactions. So good luck finding the right one that will fulfill your need (this means that you actually already know what you want before searching). Continue reading

No men? Amen!


  • Tired to look for Mr. Right?
  • You’ve ended up looking for Mr. Right-now or Mr. Good Enough?
  • You’ve came to the conclusion that Mc Dreamy and Mc Steamy only exist in Grey’s Anatomy, your fantasy, your dreams, some books… but not in real life.
  • Most of your friends are married, committed, with children…
    and you are none of the above.
  • Sometimes you have the feeling that even Bridget Jones has a more exciting life than you.

Continue reading