Time to test: LOUA lips pluming mask!


Few days ago, I went to Di (Belgian drugstore) to snoop around and found Loua by Laurence Dumont lips sheet masks. There are 3 lip masks: the smoothing one, the nourishing one and the pluming one. As a compulsive Googler, I went online to check reviews, press released etc. To my biggest surprised, no one was brave enough to test them or post about them.

Challenge accepted! I thought… I took the pluming one and went home.

After some long research I discovered that they are actually exclusively available at Di in Belgium and Monoprix in France. The only real source of information (or kind of) was the LOUA masks press release (in French).

So here is a quick translation/summary about the brand and their new line:

Loua determined to follow the trends launched their line of sheet masks. The french brand offers a wide range of sheet masks : face, lips & hands. Until now those products weren’t available in Hypermarkets and Supermarkets, Loua goals is to make them accessible to everyone thanks to an unbeatable quality/price ratio.

The concept is quite simple:

  1. You open the package.
  2. You remove the transparent protective films from each side of the mask.
  3. You position the mask on your lips.
  4. Leave on for 15 minutes

Let’s do this!


I already have full lips. So I am not sure that I am the right person to test if from nothing you will get plumed lips.

The texture is a bit surprising. It’s gooey but not in a disgusting way. it’s like putting fresh seaweed on your lips (texture wise… thank God no similitude fragrance wise).

It is really easy to apply and it stick perfectly! Now the only down side is if you are a chatterbox like me, this my feel like a little torture. So I decided to do it while catching up on some TV shows.

You might feel a little tingling but nothing too bothersome.

Time’s up! What about those promised results?

Personally, I could feel a slight difference. No va va vooom results but I wasn’t looking for va va voom! My lips were well hydrated and less tight (winter has a tendency to dry up and makes my lips feeling tight/sore).

The results lasted a few days…


I will definetly add Loua Lip pluming mask to my favorite product list for when my lips need an emergency boost!

Did you already tried this lip sheet mask?
What’s your favorite lip’s care product? Leave a comment below 😉

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